Hot Air Balloon Theme Kids Room Decor Wallpaper
Hot Air Balloon Theme Kids Room Decor Wallpaper
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Custom wall mural wallpaper

The custom wall mural wallpaper will be printed after your order, it is unique, also, you can choose the raw material and printing ink according to your requirement.

Price Base On SQUARE METER(㎡)

Please Write Your Wall Size: Length X Height in the shopping cart!!!


1. Semi-glossy non woven media, the economic type But it can present the original color very well. Installation with glutinous rice glue, same like classic wallpaper. 

2. Self-adhesive removable textile media, peel and stick media, compare to the non woven, it is easy to install and peel off without damage the wall, removable.

The width of both media will be 1.07m, it is not seamless wallpaper. For example, if your wall is 3.2m wide, the order you get will be 3 parts, 3x1.07m=3.2m


1. Eco-Solvent Ink, it is widely use for outdoor and business wall, economic type.

2. Latex Ink, compared to Eco, it is more Eco-friendly, highly suggest for house wall decorating.

Non Woven Wallpaper Media

>Density: 185gsm 

>Fiber Content: >70%, Perfect Texture and Breathability>Thickness: 300um

>Size Stability: <0.1mm 

>Fire Resistance: B2 

>Warranty: 5 years

Self-Adhesive Wallpaper Media 

>Density: 380gsm

>Size Stability: <3mm

>Initial adhesion: 7N/25min

>Sticky adhesion: 12N/25min

>Fire Resistance: B2

>Warranty: 5 Years

Measure Your Blank Wall

Measure your blank wall, get the length and height in cm, then calculated the quantity you need order. Price is for 1 square meter.

For example:

The size of the wall is 5m(Length)*3.2m(Height), you can order: 16 sqaure meter, you can write to us 5.05m*3.25m(we suggest add 0.05m to ensure you can install easily) in the shopping cart when you make the payment.


1. Clean the wall with a scraper, make sure it smooth and flat

2. Mark on the wall with ruler according to mural wallpaper size

3. Brush the glue on the wall and back side of the mural wallpaper

4. Glue the wallpaper on the wall from one side, make sure pattern matched

5. Cropping with a knife and clean the glue with a towel

6. Coninue to finish all the parts, make the space ariness, dry quick

Self adhesive wallpaper

1. Clean the wall with a scraper, make sure it very smooth and flat

2. Peel off the release paper at back side, stick to the wall from one side.

3. Continue to finsh the left part, give pressure make it smooth and paste strong

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